Gewa DP240G Digital Piano

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The Gewa DP240G is part of the DP range of Gewa's latest digital pianos.
Being completely built in Germany, which is the only digital piano that is, you can be sure of great workmanship and quality.

It's is a really nice piano for anyone who is serious about learning.
The keys are fully-weighted and touch sensitive, which are both essential requirements. This piano will take you up to grade 8 level. This is a high level of playing, so it's unlikely you'd need to ever change this piano.

Gewa have permission from the Steinway Piano Manufacturer to use their sound in the complete digital piano range. This is a first for digital pianos. Steinway is well known for their warm, round and resonant tone.

The Gewa has a larger memory than any other digital piano manufacturer.
Its 1.5GB memory makes it possible to produce a sound that is continuous without looping. This means that you hear just one sound. Most digital pianos record the sound then repeat this sound several times to get a long continuous note to save memory cost. You can clearly hear the sound repeating (looping) in other piano makes.

The lower model in the range, DP220G, looks similar. But the DP240G has 2 important advantages. It has a wooden key cover (the DP220G has no cover).
The tone is clearer with more clarity. This is due to the speaker placement and larger speaker grills that run the entire length of the piano. The DP240G is worth spending the extra if you want an even better sound.


  • 88 keys (fully weighted, graded hammer action)
  • Key action: ivory-feel, high-resolution, calibrated three-contact point keyboard (FATAR, made in Italy)
  • Sound: Steinway D-274 concert grand piano, high resolution, loop-less sound (Class D amplifier system)
  • 256 note polyphony
  • Recorded piano sample with 1.5 GB memory
  • Effects library
  • USB to host
  • USB to device
  • Damper resonance
  • String resonance
  • Split keyboard
  • 2 track recording sequencer
  • Metronome
  • Transpose
  • 3 pedals
  • Wooden, sliding key cover

22 watts x 2

Width 142.6cm
Depth 42cm
Height 86.6cm
Weight: 54kg

"I've been to the Gewa factory to see the production of these pianos. I was really impressed with the attention to detail and, especially, how they've sampled this piano and their whole range. The Gewa DP240G is certainly worth considering if you want something more than your usual Yamaha." Sevgi