Hannabach Strings for classic guitar Serie 500

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The Hannabach student string at an ubelievable price

  • High-precision treble strings made of clear nylon, smooth and shiny
  • Basses: Nylon filament, braided silver-plated copper wire
  • Nickel free according to DIN EN 1811, complies with REACH-Regulation VO (EC) Nr. 1907/2006
  • New system of string encoding: different windings at end of bass string, H/B-string colour-labelled
  • Packaging is hermetically sealed, space-saving and cost-effective
  • Packing unit = 20
  • No single string service
  • Made in Germany
  • Medium Tension diameter and tensions:
  • E-1: 0,71mm/.0280”, 7,0kg/15.4lbs
  • H/B-2: 0,81mm/.0319”, 6,0kg/13.2lbs
  • G-3: 1,01mm/.0398”, 6,5kg/14.3lbs
  • D-4: 0,73mm/.0287”, 7,1kg/15,7lbs
  • A-5: 0,91mm/.0358”, 7,6kg/16.7lbs
  • E-6: 1,11mm/.0437”, 7,6kg/16.7lbs

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