Optima Strings For Thueringer Waldzither OPTIMA strings for Böhmwaldzither

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Strings for Hamburger (also Bohemian Waldzither) are identical with the ones for Thurigian Waldzither, but they have a loop on both ends.

  • At placing the order please specify the exact entire enght including the 2 loops (measured from one loop end till the other loop end)
  • Complete set, 9 strings with 2 loop ends
  • C-tuning g'g' e'e' c'c' gg c
  • 2x G1 .013 silver steel (blank)
  • 2x E2 .017 silver steel (blank)
  • 2x C3 .023 silver plated wound
  • 2x G4 .032 silver plated wound
  • 1x C5 .035 silver plated wound

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