Savarez Savarez Strings For Classic Guitar Creation Cantiga Premium

  • £15.40
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Completely newly developed CANTIGA PREMIUM material for bass strings

  • These are combined in 3 different series with the NEW CRISTAL treble strings, the CREATION CANTIGA or the ALLIANCE CARBON and are available in 3 strengths
  • Treble strings e1 and h/b2 clear nylon, g3 ALLIANCE CARBON. CANTIGA PREMIUM Bass strings
  • 510MRP Normal Tension
  • e1: 0.73mm/.029“, 7.2kg/15.89lbs
  • h/b2: 0.83mm/.033“, 5.5kg/12.14lbs
  • g3: 0.84mm/.033“, 5.8kg/12.8lbs
  • d4: 0.74mm/.030“, 7.2kg/15.89bs
  • A5: 0.86mm/.034“, 6.5kg/14.35lbs
  • E6: 1.09mm/.043“, 6.6kg/14.57lbs
  • Set tension: 38.8kg/85.64lbs

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