Quality budget option, 2 x 25 watt speakers, sound nice and mellow. Acoustic body larger and deeper than most budget pianos.

Hadley D10 Digital Piano

  • £649.00
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2 Year UK In-Home Warranty.

The Hadley D10 has fully-weighted keys and good touch sensitivity. It's really well built, reliable and has all the necessary requirements for learning.

If you're learning to play and on a tight budget then the D10 is one of the best pianos in its price bracket.

Why is the sound so good?

The first reason is the size of its speakers. Hadley chose to put 2 x 25 watt speakers inside. This is unusual for a piano priced near the bottom end of the market. Larger speakers improve the tone quality adding depth and resonance.
The Hadley sound is really nice. It's more mellow than your typical Yamaha or Roland digital piano.

The second reason is the acoustic body. Again, it's larger and deeper than most budget pianos. The extra cubic volume of its acoustic box improves tone quality and reduces bright and harsh tones.

The D10 compares well against some of the higher priced digital pianos made by Yamaha, Roland and Kawai. Of course, you're not paying for the brand name - but you're still getting the same quality! In fact, Hadley put more into their pianos for the price (see specs below).


  • 26 Voices
  • 2 x 25 watt speakers
  • 88 Full-size keys
  • Sliding key cover
  • USB
  • 2 x headphone connections
  • Metronome

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