Light with fully-weighted keys, essential for learning. Anything less is not good for your technique or strengthening

Hadley S1 Portable Digital Piano

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In the red corner, weighing in at just 12kg, is the Hadley S1 portable digital piano.

This is one of the lightest pianos you can buy that has fully-weighted keys - essential when learning to play. Anything less than this, for example weighted or semi-weighted, is not good for your technique or for strengthening your fingers. This is important because if you ever play a real piano you will find the heavy keys difficult to adjust to.

The Hadley S1 is easy to carry or transport, and can be put stored away with ease.
You can leave it standing on its end without any worry of harming the instrument.

If you're on a tight budget but don't want to cut corners on quality, then the Hadley S1 is a great compromise. It has a realistic key feel and a full sound. Ideal for beginners up to intermediate level.

Included with this piano:

  • Sustain pedal (proper piano type)
  • Music rest
  • Mains power adapter


  • 88 Full-size, touch sensitive keys
  • Fully-weighted touch
  • Record button
  • Metronome
  • Transpose
  • 20 voices
  • 64 polyphony
  • 50 preset songs
  • USB
  • 2 x speakers (each 29 watts)

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